Kurz Spirální stabilizace páteře Praha 1

Spiral spinal stabilization

"Joga is a dance for me.

Dance with sun, water, earth and air ...

On my way to freedom, I went through many years of Iyengar yoga training, which I owe for the strength and strength of the body structure. Its goal is to perfect the asan.

This solid structure gave me the foundation for a safe search for freedom in motion.

I'm also studying Spiral Dynamics, I've been conducting seminars for the Spiral Stabilization trainer for many years.

From these techniques, I go on teaching and try to provide the same safe space to all who try to find their own freedom in themselves and their bodies. "

Spiral - a symbol repeated in nature in many forms. In sunflower flowers as well as in the human body in the form of spiral muscles or DNA. Continuous energy flow in both directions. If it works, everything flows in harmony. Organs, muscles, bones, spine ... a perfect system. If this system is disturbed in some parts, the body will show us an amazing service and warn us of pain or illness for this disturbance. And there is nothing easier and more natural than to return to this harmony.

The goal of yoga is to connect consciousness with the physical and mental body and its perfect functioning. A thousand-year-old system of asanas (physical positions) allows the return to this perfect functioning, interconnection of all parts of the being at all levels.

Spiralyoga is a comprehensive system based on Iyengar yoga, utilizing spiral mobilization, dwarven method, and other techniques. It puts an increased emphasis on the correct implementation of asanas, the involvement of functional spiral muscles, which should be properly involved at every step.

By activating the right muscular functions, the spine can be compared, which, due to various stereotypes, frequent sitting, etc., is usually misplaced in the natural axis of most people.

Spiralyoga is suitable for active trainees who want to improve form as well as for beginners with various spinal problems (scoliosis, discoloration, back pain, problems with getting pregnant ...)

Our instructors are also therapists who each have an individual approach. They practice in small groups or individually, part of the exercise is a basic diagnosis of imbalances and systematic targeted work on their comparison.